I Have a Horse!

This is a story from a while back that I thought you may enjoy and that I need to revisit from time to time.

A little girl knocked on my door yesterday. She was selling candy for her dance school. (it was Sarris candy, a local delicacy, so of course she gained easy access to my house, lol) Her Mom stood on the sidewalk and I left the door open for her to see her daughter while I looked through her list. She looked around my Studio and said “I like your horse stuff” I told her that I had a real horse. She popped open the door, very excited and yelled to her Mom “Mom, she has a real horse!” Then she asked me Punk’s name. I told her Pumpkin, but everyone calls her Punk. Opens the door again “Hey Mom, her horse’s name is Pumpkin, but everyone calls her Punk!” Then she asked me what color she was. I told her she was chestnut (look of confusion)…she has red hair. Again, the door flies open “Hey, Mom. Her horse is chestnut and that means she has red hair!” I think we could have kept this up all day. I was so charmed by how excited she was about my horse.

I went to the barn to see Punk this morning. With my schedule and the weather, I hadn’t seen her in nearly a week. The little girl inside of me was yelling “I have a real horse. Her name is Punk and she has red hair!!!” I hope the little girl at my door, and the little one inside of me, keeps being excited over the really awesome stuff.