Our goal is that those who choose and successfully complete this program are effective, whether they choose to work for themselves or for others, and that each time they place their hands on a horse or dog, they make a difference in that animal’s life. We teach competence and confidence. Graduates from throughout the United States and around the world are enhancing the life and performance of their canine and equine clients with the skills learned in our programs.Beginning in January 2022, all certification classes will be 5 day programs. We continue to offer small class sizes – only 3 students per class in the equine program and 3 students per class in the canine program.The courses offer expanded hands on training time with the animals and optimal individual attention to each student. The 2021 course prices will be honored through the December classes.

  • Certification Courses

    Become an animal massage professional with our certification programs. You can learn here at our school or distance education.
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  • Training for Animal Lovers

    These classes are designed for both the dog and horse owner. No previous massage experience is necessary.
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  • Massage Services

    60% of your horse and/or dog’s body weight is muscle. The muscle system that is responsible for movement.
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