This program is for you if you:

  • Seek a deeper understanding of the healing art of massage
  • Learn best in a small group as class size is limited to 3 students
  • Want intensive hands-on experience and instruction
  • Wish to learn the importance of professionalism and business ethics
  • Seek instruction from someone who is currently operating a thriving practice

In our time together

  • We will discuss the history and benefits of massage
  • You will learn basic anatomy and muscle function
  • You will learn the tactile application of massage strokes
  • You will work on several horses and will discuss basic horse handling
  • You will be given resources that will serve you beyond our time together
  • We will Discuss business — what I personally have learned in my practice
  • You will be tested, and if you meet the standards that I have set
  • You will be a equine massage therapist

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