What to Expect from this Program

Upon Application

  • Upon receipt of your application and course fee, I will forward all of your course materials to you. This includes an anatomy text book, two (2) course handbooks and three (3) instructional DVDs.
  • The canine anatomy book includes the anatomy and musculature for several small animals including cats;
  • The equine anatomy book includes the anatomy and musculature for several large animals including pigs and cattle. The therapy is transferable to these animals.

Before the Program

Prior to attending class, you will familiarize yourself with the basic anatomy and muscle functions. The instructional DVDs will assist you in practice of the basic massage strokes and muscle and skeletal landmarks. This pre-class preparation will allow us to spend the majority of our on site time with the animals.

During the Program

  • During your on site training, we will review the information on the history of massage, basic muscle function, anatomy and physiology. The majority of our time together will be spent in actual practice with the animals.
  • In the canine program, the dogs that we work with are all rescue animals of varying size, weight, age and coat texture – all important factors to your development as a therapist.
  • In the equine program, we have access to 15-20 horses ranging in size and age – Thoroughbreds to Draft crosses, Appaloosas to Quarter horses.
  • Our goal is to give you the maximum hands on training possible. To this end, our class size is limited to 3 students in the canine course and 2 students in the equine course.
  • Throughout the 4 days, we will also discuss business development and ethics. Our shared goal is confident and effective therapists.

Post-Graduation / Certification

  • After your successful completion of the certification program, I am still available to you to discuss your practice and experiences. Should questions arise, I am available by email, phone or Skype.
  • Once you complete this course, we are colleagues with a shared intent of enhanced life and performance for our clients and our pets.