With your application and acceptance into the program, you will receive your training materials. This includes an anatomy textbook, (which also features feline anatomy), your course manual and 3 instructional DVDs.

The course manual includes information on the history of massage therapy, basic physiology, anatomy and an explanation of the muscles and their functions. There is a guide and two accompanying DVDs explaining the massage strokes and their application as well as muscle and skeletal landmarks. It is important to be comfortable with the mechanics of the strokes before you begin the actual massage sequence. The third DVD progresses to show a step by step instruction of a full body massage. Attention is given to the exact location of the muscles and appropriate treatment of each area. The fourth DVD is a study guide to help you prepare for your final examination and then serves as a reference, post-certification.

The steps to completing this course are as follows.

Submit your application, either by phone, email or traditional mail. With acceptance of your application and course fee, you will be sent all of your study materials.

After you receive your materials and begin your study, you may schedule a private phone Q & A session with me.

This next step has two options. When you feel prepared for me to view a massage session, you may schedule a session in ‘real time’ via Skype, or submit a practice video. Via Skype, I can analyze and fine tune your technique and progress. If you submit a video, we will discuss it through a phone conversation or email.

When you feel you are ready, you will submit a final video of a full massage session, or schedule another session via Skype. Upon successful completion, you will receive your certification.

During your studies, in addition to our scheduled conversations, I am available by phone or email, to answer any questions. Also, after successful completion of the program, we can discuss development of a business, if that is your intent. I am always available to my distant learning and on site students for consultation.

My goal is to be interactive with you throughout your studies, ultimately leading to a successful completion.

Included in the cost of tuition is an on site day of instruction. This day is optional, not mandatory to your certification. You may use this day during your study or after your completion of the program as continuing education. There is a 2 year expiration date on this on site offer.

You may at any time opt into the onsite program. Simply choose the 4 day course that you would like to attend. Your only cost would be the difference in price between the distant and onsite course. This is currently $200.

The cost of the program is $695. This includes all materials, phone and Skype and/or video session and your optional on site training. Payment of your fees are due in full at the time of your acceptance into the program and are non-refundable. You will have 2 years from the date of your enrollment to complete the course.

Apply online or download a Distance Learning Program Application