Hal Carter
Tree of Life Canine Massage“The Canine Massage Certification course of study through Brandenburg Massage Therapy was the perfect program for me to start my canine massage business. As a massage therapist already licensed for “human” massage, I was impressed by the attention to detail regarding anatomy and technique. The demonstrations, hands-on practice sessions, and study materials were enhanced by Becky’s patient teaching and expert guidance. I highly recommend the program for anyone committed to learning canine massage!”

Hal Carter, CCMT
Tree of Life Canine Massage
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Jill Lionetti
“Becky’s equine and canine classes are completely amazing. I did the equine class first, which is in the most serene location of all time. The small class size is perfect and Becky helps everyone understand and learn based on where she sees they need the most help. She not only teaches us about massage and the animals, but about life wisdom. The experience with the animals is fabulous, as is the material provided to help study at home and after class on site. She is there every step of the way to be sure all graduates are in fact ready to practice out in the real world! Best experience of my life! Thank you Becky!”

Beauty and the Beasts Animal Wellness, LLC.
Akron, Ohio
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Ruth Generke
“I loved the canine class so much I went back for the equine class 6 months later! The small classes are wonderful and allowed for that one on one time I knew I would need and want. The fact that I can (and have) come to Becky with questions after graduation further solidified that her course was the perfect one for me. When you’re in class it is immediately evident that she has the heart of a teacher and takes joy in sharing this wonderful gift of healing that we,in turn, can share with those around us. Can’t thank you enough Becky!”

Ruth Generke, CCMT, CEMT & TFH Kinesiologist
Positive Touch
Senoia, Georgia
Phone: 678-723-1172
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Charlotte Pritt
“Becky is a wonderful trainer. I took Becky’s canine massage class just for my own dogs benefit but after seeing the benefits and with Becky’s positive support I have opened my own business. Becky is not only there for you during the class but long afterwards. I have gone back to Becky for other trainings and hope to attend more in the future. Becky’s passion for animals and the people that love them shows in all she does. I feel blessed to call her my friend and mentor.”

Charlotte Pritt
Caring Paws K9 Therapies LLC
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Tina McGovern
“The canine massage class through Brandenburg Massage Therapy offers each participate individualized attention since there are only 3 people in the class. This aspect, along with Becky’s patience, exceptional teaching style through a hand-on approach (from Day 1), and personalized instruction, I am confident in my skills as a canine massage therapist. If anyone is looking to either learn canine massage for their own personal use or to fulfill a passion and start their own business (like myself), this should be the only school you consider.”

Tina McGovern of Titan’s TouchTina McGovern, CCMT
Titan’s Touch Canine Massage
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Josh Neufeld
“I could tell from the first moment we spoke that Becky’s canine massage certification program was the right choice for me.Through her kind and thoughtful approach, I was able to focus not only on the material but how to apply this knowledge effectively and compassionately. I love the fact that she always keeps the class size small (max. 3 people) ensuring that everyone has the opportunity for the utmost hands on experience – which is crucial throughout the process of learning the strokes and massage sequences. Becky’s gift as a teacher is so apparent by the way she nurtures each students strength, to help them realize their full potential. I left the course feeling truly inspired and prepared to begin my new career as a canine massage therapist.”

Josh Neufeld CCMT
A Dog’s Day Canine Massage Therapy

Alissa Elderkin
“Becky has a phenomenal ability to teach people with kindness and patience. You learn an amazing new skill in a calm environment with small class sizes to ensure one on one instruction. I could not have hoped for a better course to help me learn animal massage.”

Alissa Elderkin

Danelle Dudzik
“I attended both the equine and canine classes. It was an intense program but so informative. I view each animal on a whole different level now and I am continuously amazed by how each of the animals respond to the massage techniques. I am very grateful for the information I have obtained to be able to assist our pets in a healthy lifestyle.”

Danelle Dudzik

Hannah Weber
“I would highly recommend Becky’s massage therapy school. She did a wonderful job teaching and assuring that we were understanding the material- not just memorizing a sequence. Also I was the only student in the class! Having the instructor to myself was wonderful. Thanks Becky for giving Equine Athletics a great start!”

C: 616-890-8568
Hannah Weber, LVT, CESMT
West Olive, Michigan
owner, Equine Athletics

Jennifer Ebbing
“I absolutely loved taking Becky’s class on Canine massage. She is a wealth of information, and takes the time to make sure you are comfortable with performing the massages.”

Jennifer Ebbing
Happy Horse Massage LLC,

Lorraine Smith
“Brandenburg Massage Therapy School is an excellent choice to start out your new career in canine or equine massage therapy. Brandenburg’s teaching methods build a solid foundation in canine/equine physiology and massage protocols. Combined with Becky’s excellent teaching skills and patience, you will be ready to jump start your new career with the knowledge and confidence necessary to do so.”

Lorraine J Smith, B.Sc., CDT, CCMT, CEMT

Melanie Sanchez
“Becky Brandenburg is a true gift to our world. She is more than a teacher, she is a limitless well of wisdom and grace. Her soft demeanor, encouraging spirit, and playful sense of wonder compliments her ability to act as a liaison between student and animal. Her expertise and education, vision and course study is revolutionary. Becky is a true master, and dedicated servant to the world of healing arts. You will leave her class confidently on a journey towards success, and most importantly a more loving, empathetic, and more wholesome human being.”

-Melanie Sanchez

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Savannah Cheek
“The small class sizes and the daily hands on training you get with Becky Brandenburg’s School of Canine Massage sets it apart from other pet massage programs. From the first day in class to the last day, you work on/with one or two of your furry “teachers”. She also has dogs of every shape and size, which is great for learning massage on different canine body types. Becky’s teaching style and step-by-step massage techniques make everything easy to understand and learn!”
Savannah Cheek

Tanya Marsh
Free Motion Equine Massage“Becky is a wealth of knowledge and experience. Her calm, direct, scientific approach has really set her far and above so many other schools and techniques. Without her teaching and love for Massage and Complementary therapies FreeMotion Equine Massage would not be what it is today. I am forever grateful.”

– Tanya Marsh
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