Welcome to my blog

When I first began offering equine massage, I didn’t even own a computer. Now, statistics show that 85% of business is done online and here I sit, starting a blog.

The massage industry has changed, also. First off, it’s an industry. The field has expanded. Back then, I was the only equine therapist in the Ohio Valley. Canine massage was in it’s infancy. I remember trying to get a listing in the yellow pages. No sale! They offered me listings under barns and pet shops. I even had one ad consultant tell me “We can’t list you under massage because it’s not like you’re a real therapist.” Now there are multiple ad listings available for animal massage. We are real! Recently, a veterinarian office approached me to discuss offering massage in their clinic by saying, and  I quote “no rehab clinic would be complete without massage therapy.”  That is progress!

This blog will be about massage and energy work. What it can do for you and your animals. It’s for therapists and those hoping to become therapists. (whether you choose to study with me or elsewhere….it’s all good) It’s also for owners and those that just love a good animal tale. (tail?) I hope to give you some food for thought about the way your animals move and how we can help. It’s about learning, growing, sharing and making our animal’s bodies more comfortable, whether they are competing for ribbons or simply competing for the most comfy spot on the couch.

I’ll also share stories about the wonderful creatures who have crossed my path, and I theirs. It’s about some pretty special people who have helped, inspired and shared their knowledge. Knowledge that I’ll pass on to you. Yin and yang being what it is, maybe even a story or two about some not so caring and sharing folks. There is a saying that if you can’t lead by example at least serve as a warning. It can all be a learning experience and make us better, for ourselves and the animals. Perhaps you have a question that we can explore. If so, I invite you to send it my way.

Many of my graduates began their study of massage because of one animal in their life. What begins with one can foster a desire to help many. Next time, I’ll share a bit about the horse and dog that started me on my journey.  Until then, blessings!