July 30th, 2017 I received my canine massage therapist certification from Becky Brandenburg. My goal was to be a CCMT in Dallas and eventually quit my retail management job, (which I did October of 2019) but I never dreamed what the next four years would bring.

I am now a CCMT, a certified Reiki Master, a trained animal communicator and a Pet Death Doula. And all of that began when I learned how to touch dogs. It all began with Becky.

When people google for a dog massage therapist in Dallas my name is usually the first one that pops up. I’m not great at marketing myself. I’m not one to beg for reviews. I attribute my success to the solid foundation of my training with Becky. Many sites go on about all the bells and whistles they offer, but I’ve found success in my own two well-trained hands.

And you can, too.



“Becky’s equine and canine classes are completely amazing. I did the equine class first, which is in the most serene location of all time. The small class size is perfect and Becky helps everyone understand and learn based on where she sees they need the most help. She not only teaches us about massage and the animals, but about life wisdom. The experience with the animals is fabulous, as is the material provided to help study at home and after class on site. She is there every step of the way to be sure all graduates are in fact ready to practice out in the real world! Best experience of my life! Thank you Becky!”

~ Jill Lionetti