Canine Massage Certification Program

Distant Learning Canine Massage Therapy Certification Program

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The Canine Massage Therapy Certification Program has as its goal the training of skilled and professional therapists who seek to provide the benefits of deep tissue massage. With the skills you acquire you will deepen your bond with your dog, and if it is your intent, will have the tools necessary to develop a practice.

This program is for you if:

In our time together

I have developed this course to share what I feel is a therapy that can benefit every dog. You will be coming into my home and working on my dogs. The class is designed to be a comfortable place to learn. In practice, unless you are working in a clinic or similar facility, you most often will be working in the dog’s home. Therefore, your time in my home will give you the opportunity to experience that scenario.

This class is designed for anyone who wishes to learn.

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